Fitness boxing is a mixture of boxing with fitness, of course there are no real sparring with injuries, but many martial arts movements are taken as a basis. This type of fitness is equally suitable for both men and women, but be prepared to give all your best in the process of training, so you are guaranteed excellent physical shape, however, even without it, starting with low loads, you will gradually achieve good results.

Basically, the training methodology comes from boxing, so the coach is usually from this sport, who will help and advise if you do something wrong.

The benefits of fitness boxing

  •  Low chance of injury
  •  Increased Calorie Burn
  •  Improving coordination of movements
  •  Improving body endurance
  •  Availability of training
  •  Involvement in the work of all muscle groups
  •  Increased burning of calories, which will reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat