Kickboxing combines different types of martial arts: karate, wushu, taekwando, Thai and English boxing.

 Benefits of kickboxing

  • The benefits of kickboxing lie in the use of different loads that develop:
  • muscle mass;
  • endurance;
  • coordination of movements;
  • flexibility;
  • motor skills.
  • Balanced aerobic workout and good cardio workout

During kickboxing training, different muscle groups are involved, and this is typical for almost all exercises. When struck with a hand, the whole body moves – from the hand to the toes. To maintain balance when swinging the lower limbs, you need to use the muscles of the upper and trunk. Therefore, training:

help to lose weight (up to 450 calories are burned per hour);

increase strength, flexibility, muscle elasticity;

improve the functioning of the immune system;

give a load on the heart, which is easy to regulate;

guarantee protection from hypodynamia no worse than morning jogging (30 minutes of classes 4-5 times a week)cOSTARICA-ZEN KICKBOXING

Kickboxing is my Therapy


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