Qigong and Taichi Calming the mind and body promotes healing. Strengthening the muscular corset through simple postures and movements – prevents unwanted falls. Smooth movements and careful body weight transfer improve balance and can have a positive effect on bone density. Achieving a state of relaxed mind – reduces stress levels. These are just a few simple examples of the positive effects of Qigong and Taiziyuan practices on human health.

Qigong and Taichi are sometimes called “moving meditation,” during which the mind and body achieve a state of balance and equilibrium

The benefits of strengthening the body, increasing flexibility and improving balance are quite obvious, but just as important are the benefits of the sense of peace and tranquility achieved through the mediative aspect of the flowing movements of Qigong and Taichi practice.

When the body arrives in a state of balance, all of its systems function better.

Much of the work of achieving this inner balance takes place continuously during practice, and completely unconsciously.

The health benefits of practicing Qigong and Taichi are also achieved in two areas: supporting our body’s natural need and desire for balance and rest, and gently, but significantly, strengthening muscles and joints, and the body as a whole, increasing flexibility and developing the vestibular system. And it’s all through simple, flowing movements. It is definitely a winning combination: both body and mind. This kind of psychophysical practice continually helps to bring us back to a state of equilibrium.