Yoga It is an ancient teaching created to strengthen and improve the body, balance and peace of mind. The undoubted benefit of yoga is that it allows you to acquire good physical fitness, overcome illness, calm the nervous system, clear the mind, increase efficiency and stress resistance.

This favorable effect is achieved through a combination of active muscle tension with deep body relaxation and proper breathing. This exercise activates the deep muscle layers that are normally at rest. At the same time, there is also a mental load, which allows you to control your body and manage it as you see fit.

The health benefits of yoga are that it relieves pain and has a positive effect on the spine: it eliminates tension, increases flexibility, improves posture and gets rid of curvature. It has a beneficial effect on all systems of the body. When you do exercises that affect internal mechanisms, glands and internal organs are massaged, which adjusts their work and helps in recovery.